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Welding Alloys

Welding Alloy Group - TOMAG Enterprises Limited Client

TOMAG Enterprises Limited is the Authorized Agent and Distributor of Welding Alloys Group  in the East African Region.

Welding Alloys Limited has established agencies and working relationships with various manufacturers of welding equipment and accessories making us it a ONE STOP SHOP for your entire welding requirement.

Welding Alloys Limited is family owned and has steadily expanded over the years. The day-to-day running, administration and management of the organization is entirely the responsibility of two Directors, supported by a lean Senior Management Team.

Welding Alloys Limited manufactures; Fontarc (E6013) type Mild Steel Electrodes, Weldarc (E6019) type Mild Steel Electrodes, Foncito (E7018) type Low Hydrogen Electrodes, and Special-Purpose Electrodes, which includes; Stainless Steel Electrodes, Hard Facing Electrodes, Cutting & Gouging Electrodes, Cast Iron Electrodes, Tin-Bronze Electrodes.

Welding Alloys Limited also supplies; Aluminum Electrodes & Gas Filler Rods, Mild Steel MIG-Wires, Stainless Steel MIG / TIG Wires, Copper to Copper Brazing, Brass Brazing Rods- Flux Coated, Brass Brazing Flux, Silver Solder with Cadmium, Silver Solder Without Cadmium, Silver Brazing Flux, Aluminum Brazing Flux, Pickling Paste and Passivation Paste for Stainless Steel.

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